I didn’t drug her I swear

The Zen Master sent me this gem last night with the caption, “Drunk Baby.” I don’t THINK he gave her any booze… I hope…

The Peach slept through the night. She was in a pissy mood all day yesterday but fell asleep by 8pm and slept straight through till 5am when we got her up to get ready to go. I’m assuming the antibiotics are kicking in and she’s feeling better.

Oh and I got to hear THIS from Princess Punk before I left for work…

“Oh gross… Moooooooooooom (she made it at least 3 syllables), she just puked with her binky and it spurted out the sides. She didn’t drop the binky… YOU take her… Blech.” She then made a sour face and proceeded to tell my mom what just happened since she had missed it.

Breakfast anyone?


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