How did Monday get here so fast???

Holy Crap, what the hell happened to my weekend????

All of a sudden I’m sitting at my desk at work… Did Sunday even happen? I know there was a Saturday, I posted, there’s proof. Plus I remember going to see Carmina Burana Sturday night and having to STAND through the majority of the performance even thought we PAID for seats. That was annoying. I went grocery shopping yesterday and Crazy Girl came over for dinner but I swear it still felt like Saturday. It was a rather unpleasant surprise when my alarm went off before 5am this morning and I realized that yes, it is in fact Monday.

Princess Punk was in slow-motion mode this morning since she’d been on spring break all last week and her body forgot that she actually has to wake up before 10am on weekdays. Lunches got packed, hair got brushed, pre-teens got dressed and babies were strapped into car seats. I got ready to leave, called to The Zen Master that I was leaving and got, “I’d give you a kiss good-bye but I’m kinda taking a crap… Love you!”

How do you “kinda” take a crap anyway? Yuck. Nevermind.


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