My nemesis…

Before I get into this, let me reiterate that I am generally pretty happy with my life. I’ve got loving friends and family, a job I love, 2 fantastic beautiful girls and my health, while weird, is pretty good. That being said…

In addition to all the other crap I’ve discussed that’s wrong with me… (I REALLY am not complaining, just commenting I swear) I also have TMD. Basically, my jaw is totally f***ed up. I’ve had this issue for as long as I can remember and it’s been getting progressively worse over the years.

Completely out of the socket, they showed me on X-rays

Apparently my ligaments are kinda loose (oh, The Zen Master could take that a zillion different filthy places) and my jaw completely dislocates on the left side whenever I open my mouth too wide. Too wide for me is apparently more than about 2cm (That’s what she said). Where was I? Oh right. My screwed up jaw. I’ve modified my life for years to accommodate the issue. I never chew gum and I keep my mouth in a neutral position when not chewing or speaking (teeth slightly apart with the tongue resting on the back of the front teeth). I try not to clench my teeth too often which is not always easy given my temper and Princess Punk’s ‘tude. The left joint has pretty much always been an issue, it clicks when I chew, cracks when I yawn (both loud enough so that people sitting 10 feet away can hear it… gross) and causes neck and shoulder tightness and aching pretty much constantly. When it’s really aggravated, It’ll give me a monster headache on top of it all. Since I got pregnant with The Peach, my right jaw has been acting up as well. I was hoping that it would resolve after I had her but no such luck, it’s rapidly been getting worse over the past few months.

I’ve had a headache for 12 days straight now.

Overall, I’m still functioning fine, doing what I need to do with only a little bit of grumpiness but it’s become incredibly painful to open my mouth more than a few cm and repeated use (like chewing food, get your mind out of the gutter) will make my headache worse to the point where I will occasionally need to just lay down. Apparently, the inflammation is occasionally encroaching on my optic nerves so I will randomly get a pretty little fireworks display that only I can see. I’ve gotten to the point I actually dread eating. I can barely open my mouth wide enough to get a spoon in, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Do you know how many times in a day you have to open your mouth? Not even considering food, things as simple as talking and brushing my teeth or flossing have become uncomfortable or downright painful.

Treatment? Well, there’s the kicker. I’m undergoing physical therapy, to strengthen all the muscles around my jaw in order to help support the loose ligaments and keep the joint in place when I open my mouth. It’s not helping much. Another negative about living in Vermont? Not a lot of specialists around. TMJ specialists? One. In the entire murtherfurking state. He has a six month waiting list just for a CONSULT. Luckily, he also has a call-list in case of cancellations. Because my job is pretty flexible, i can go into the doctor on short notice, so YAY, I have an appointment May 10th, only 2 months after I first called his office. I’m likely going to have a splint that’ll make me talk funny and if that doesn’t work, I may end up with surgery. God, I hope not.

SO anyway, headache, cranky, not wanting to eat and a deprived husband… Okay that was too much information, sorry about that.

Here’s hoping for tighter ligaments!


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