It’s Friday Ya’ll! ~edited since the whole thing just went l’ksdfmnl;skANg;jklasng~

Yup… Weird.

(Editor’s note- this ENTIRE first 2 paragraphs are re-written since for some reason they disappeared when I posted it)

This week has been kinda weird. Not “unusual” weird, more like “this does not feel like a normal week” weird. I’ve been (sorta) busy at work (still am yet here I sit writing a post (Editor’s note- AGAIN) ). Things are good at home. The Peach has slept through the night all week with the exception of last night when she woke up once (which I didn’t hear AT ALL, The Zen Master got her). I’ve had this stupid headache all week but at least I have an appointment with the Doc soon. I got a nice refund check for the money we spent on tickets for seats we didn’t get to sit in last Saturday. I even stuck to my budget this week. The only things out of the ordinary are a major thingy at work today and Princess Punk leaving tonight to spend the weekend  in Boston with my dad and her church youth group. They’ll be working in a soup kitchen and I’m very proud of her for getting out there and doing something to help others. She did get her period on Wednesday which, in addition to being girl stuff, totally throws her blood sugar out of whack, but I’ve got faith in my dad to be able to handle it.

Anyway… Not exactly an average week but nothing totall weird. I just feel kinda… off. No, that’s not right. Maybe “out of sorts?” Nope. I think “weird” is really the only way to describe it. Maybe that it’s just what’s out of the ordinary is that nothing is out of the ordinary. Kinda like I’m waiting for something to happen. Mo major schmidt hit the fan this week. No massive bills we didn’t know about, no illness, no emergencies, no insanity, no car malfunction no NEW car malfunction, no mood swings, no phone calls from teachers, nothing new to stress over. I have enough money in my account to cover the bills I paid this week and I’ll actually make it to payday this week with enough money to put gas in my car. The Peach has been (mostly) content, Princess Punk hasn’t been giving me too much ‘tude even though she was PMSing, The Zen Master has been cheerful and helpful around the house and life is just chugging along.

Apparently things have been a bit stressful lately because a week of normalcy feels completely foreign. Go Figure.

The Peach did have a mega-fantastic-grosssly-spectacular blowout last night… While I was making dinner… It took so long to get her cleaned up, I burned the onions and garlic I was sauteing.

Gotta say, if that’s the worst thing that happened this week, life is pretty damn good.

Sounds like a plan for Saturday 🙂


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