I got ambushed at my therapist’s office last night.

Not a bad ambush, just a bit of a surprise. She met me in the hallway and advised me that after reading my blog post, she had called the psychiatrist in to join our session so we could adjust my medications.

So we’re adjusting. And I’m taking the rest of the week off work to give the new chemistry some time to reset my brain. Not that I was really getting anything done at work anyway.

Right now, I’m at my mom’s. Not really wanting to be alone, but not wanting to socialize either. Mostly right now, it’s just The Tired. I still want to hide, to run away, something, but at least now there’s a little less pressure hanging over my head. It’s weird. I started this post with a lot to say but now I’m kind of drawing a blank. Which I guess is fitting since right now that’s kinda how I’m feeling.



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