Such a slacker

So I went several days without a post, yeah, I know, I’m a lazy bum…

Honestly, I started a few posts then got sidetracked by… ya know… Life.

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there, I hope your Mother’s Day was a good one.

I had kind of a crappy morning yesterday since I woke up and had to clean up after Princess Punk for an hour while she sulked in her room and picked up in there so she would be allowed to play video games (not bloody likely given the ‘tude). BUT I went to church with my parents and the girls (The Zen Master was working) and had a nice time and then we went to brunch at the restaurant where The Zen Master works and he was able to come out and eat with us. Then I made dinner for my parents and my mother-in-law and everybody raved about what a great cook I am and Princess Punk gave me a sugar body scrub that smelled AWESOME and The Peach gave me her very first giggle which just made me all squishy and happy inside. Ew. That sounded gross.

So overall a nice day Sunday and Saturday we actually managed to borrow my parents’ lawnmower (ours is busted) and mow our lawn so we don’t look like rednecks anymore… mostly.

So anyway… more posts to come this week, hopefully I’ll actually finish the ones I started last week!


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