Busy Busy buzz buzz buzz

Oh yeah, and a bunch of other shit in the middle there…

This weekend holy crap…

Princess Punk has a soccer game at 1pm today and at 2pm tomorrow. Tomorrow we have to be in Hinesburg (about an hours drive) at 9am for the JDRF walk. We’ll be there all morning and then have to rush back to get PP home in time for her game. I have to mow the lawn again today since it was SO bad we have to mow it every other day for the next week or so to make sure we get everything. I’m not sure if the dandelions are growing right after we mow or if the mower is just sqaushing them and they’re popping up when we’re done. Either way, we have to keep going over it to get all the stupid things. And we haven’t even started on the weeding. We have 3 flower beds that are encircled with rather large stones so they not only need to be weeded but we have to weed around them since we can’t mow too close since the grass got so damn high you can’t actually see the stones and I really don’t want to kill the mower again.

And the laundry has to be beaten back since it’s completely taken over that entire corner of the house.

And Fairy Dog needs to be brushed because I’m REALLY tired of vacuuming every. single. day.

Crap, it’s 10am already… Gotta pry myself off this damn machine and get to work.

Thank god for Sesame Street.


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