I’m sure I am going to piss somebody off

But honestly I don’t care.

I’m really tired of hearing all this mess and debate on the news about giving same-sex couples the right to get married.

And THIS is better than a caring, devoted same-sex couple? REALLY?

This should not even be an issue.

Seriously? Could you please pleeeeeeeaaaaase explain to me why a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman is going to undermine the “institution of marriage” (what the f*** does that mean anyway??) more than say… Kim Kardashian?


You are who you are. You love who you love. And the bible was NOT written by God as so many Christians like to say, it was written by a bunch of men who were (depending on varying beliefs) “guided” by God. Oh, yeah, and then it was translated about 50 times into various different languages. Do you remember playing “Telephone” when you were little? Yeah, things get lost in translation, mistranslated or influenced by the people writing them (some of which were CLEARLY homophobic). And Jesus’s commandment? The one thing he told his followers to do? “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.”

This is a basic human rights issue. The bible said slavery was okay too, but we managed to overcome THAT issue.

Even in the secular sense, its a total non-issue. Marriage in today’s society is simply a way to classify families. To give certain rights to couples who would not otherwise have them. Like custody of children. And health insurance. And taxes. You know, insignificant shit like that.

So whyis it so difficult to grant this right to a percentage of our population? What makes them so different? Love is love. Period. Why not let same-sex couples have the same problems, issues and headaches straight couples do?

It’s only fair after all.

(stepping down off my soap box)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. coffeepoweredmom
    May 23, 2012 @ 18:22:29

    *fist pumping in your direction*
    Agreed. 100%


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