I just got a call from the school nurse.

Princess Punk apparently has a field trip next week and it was unclear who would be going with her (she needs a designated adult, usually the nurse or my mom) for diabetes stuff.

I had no clue about the field trip.

When I conveyed this to the nurse, she said,

“Who exactly is Princess Punk living with that you wouldn’t know something like that?”

And then she said something about not having any papers that said The Zen Master or I (you know, her biological mother) had custody of her. My. Own. Daughter.

Princess Punk has an annoying habit of not giving me any of the papers she is supposed to bring home from school. I will generally get a field trip permission slip a day or two before the field trip. She has told me repeatedly when asked that she doesn’t get any papers to bring home. Which I then tell her is a bunch of Bull since my boss’s daughter is in 7th grade at the same school (PP is in 6th) and he gets papers home all the time.

“Well, I dunno, they must not be giving stuff out to the 6th graders then.”

At this point, I generally start taking deep breaths as my blood pressure starts to rise and an annoying tic starts in my right eye.

I digress.

I explained to the nurse The Princess’s utter lack of cooperation when bringing information from the school to home and told her how I’m not actually a shitty parent and I’ve been trying like crazy ALL GODDAMN YEAR to have some line of communication between myself and her teachers since I know The Princess is not going to tell me shit.


Called mom to see if she would go on the field trip with PP then left a message for the nurse to try and straighten this mess out. Apparently PP had told the nurse my mom was going with her. This was actually kinda funny (Not ha-ha funny) because my mom didn’t know about the field trip either.

The nurse is faxing me a permission slip.

The Princess may not be able to go anyway because I may throttle her this evening.

Not really.

But I’d really like to. And maybe the nurse too because she was such a bitch about it.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. coffeepoweredmom
    May 24, 2012 @ 17:09:27

    I agree with the drink to go. The nurse does seem like a bitch. That would make me want to say “well if I don’t have custody then your school sure has been doing a f#$%ed up job of getting the appropriate permissions.


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