Spring has Sprung!

And with it, a whole mess of weeds…

My 3-day Memorial Day weekend will be spent weeding my garden and beating back the jungle that is my yard. Last year our mower was broken… All Year. Add to that my pregnancy with “issues” and The Zen Master working 6-7 days a week and my yard needs a whole lotta work.

Thank god for ibuprofen…

Oh, and my parents just got 8 cords of wood delivered. In a big pile. Next to the downstairs door. The pile is about 8 feet high and is sprawled over about a 15 foot radius. My mom is doing the rest of the gardening there so she doesn’t have time to stack wood. My dad? He has a bad back, hip and knees. He will still stack the wood but he’ll damn near kill himself doing it. So The Zen Master, Princess Punk and I are going to preemptively get it done so he doesn’t have a freaking coronary. Plus, since my mom has basically been our childcare for FREE, I figure we owe them. Big time.

So basically… A busy weekend. And I’m going to be effing sore when I get back to work on Tuesday.

But at least I won’t be a slacker!


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