How freaking awesome is THIS schmidt?

Yesterday was just kinda crappy. The Peach hadn’t slept well so I was tired, work was dragging and I got stuck there an extra 40 minutes. There was yet another communication issue with Princess Punk’s school regarding the stupid field trip. Apparently, the nurse decided she WAS going to go and my mom didn’t need to. Nobody bothered to tell us. So, mom showed up at the school at 7:30am with Princess Punk and was summarily told to go home. Yay.

Then, after work I went to my mom’s, brought Princess Punk to soccer practice (remember, at this point I’m already running 40 minutes behind), had to stop at my house cuz The Princess forgot her cleats, then went back to mom’s to bathe the stinky Peach. Remember my resolution to bathe her more than once a week since she’s got all the chubb? Nunh Unh. I got soap in her eyes which pissed her off royally. She decided to be calm the rest of her bath and then express her displeasure after I dressed her. She yelled at me. If she could form actual words, I’m quite sure there would have been a whole lotta cussin.

Went home, handed The Peach to The Zen Master and went to Subway since my fridge needs to be cleaned and I just didn’t have the energy to deal with it at 7:30pm. The Subway in our town is part of the liquor store (yes, really.) and I went in with the $10 I had left before payday. I also had two $2 winning lotto tickets (woo) to help pay for my dinner and whatnot.

Um… No brainer.

I naively went to one of the new lotto vending machine thingys to redeem my tickets and was informed by said machine that I had chosen to redeem my tickets for new tickets. Somehow I don’t recall making that choice. At that point I was stuck because, “All sales are final” so I figured I’d get a scratch off, whatever. Then it only gave me one. So it basically ate $2. So I had to put my soda back. Ok, I didn’t have to put my soda back but it was either that or put back the chocolate I got for me and The Zen Master to share and really, which would you pick?

So anyways, standing in line to pay for my chocolate and sandwich and apparently there is some issue with the credit card machine and there is this dude standing in front with 2 bottles of vodka and a beer. Weird combo. I mean 2 bottles and some mixer, or even 2 bottles and a 6-pack even but ONE beer? I digress. I guess he paid for his beer in cash and as he is standing up there putting his beer into his backpack, the lady behind him in line pays for her booze in cash and then pulls (another) $50 bill out of her little purse and pays for Random Dude’s booze too. Like over 40 bucks. For alcohol for some random guy she didn’t even know. She told him to do something nice for someone else and went on her way. And I go up to the counter with my sandwich and candy and no soda because I don’t have enough money and wanted to share some chocolate with my husband. ~sigh~

Except the victim of the kick was ME

Oh, and when I got home, The Peach was crying. Loudly. For over an hour. Eventually we gave u[ and just brought her into bed with us. She’s no itty-bitty anymore and she likes to sprawl a bit. Not exactly comfortable.

Then this morning? This morning I got treated to a bevy of snorting giggles from my youngest and inappropriate jokes that made me snort from my oldest and went to work with a smile on my face. And then when I got there and opened my email, I found…

I got nominated for a blogging award!

It’s a “share the love” thing for bloggers less than 200 followers. Basically if you get nominated you pick your top 5 favorite blogs that have less than 200 as well and pass it on. So apparently, blackcatsandbuttons thought I was pretty neat cuz she put me in her top 5.  Soooo, to pay it forward, I have to do the following;

1 – Thank your Liebster Blog award presenter on your blog- THANK YOU, you totally rock and not just because you nominated me but because you used the word “buggered” in the title of the post. AWESOME
2 –  Link back to the blogger who presented you the award- ummmm… see above.
3 –  Copy and paste the award on your blog-

4 –  Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers- So here’s my top 5;

  1. coffeepoweredmom – Since she is SUPER funny and has admitted her caffeine addiction as I have.
  2. filltheirbellies – Cuz she is my idea of Supermom… SAHM mom who cooks good food on a budget (with awesome recipes) and also has a kiddo with Type 1
  3. geekmomblog – Cuz she’s one of my closest friends and she’s been through a lot of the same crap I have. Plus she’s the mom of 2 AWESOME boys
  4. mommydds – One of the nicest, most put-together blogs I’ve seen and she’s a doctor and FUNNY too… Not jealous I swear.
  5. blackcatsandbuttons – Not because she nominated me, but because her writing is great and makes me laugh like a dork

5 – Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog- Done, done, done, done and done.

SO thank you again cuz that truly made my day since yesterday was kinda shitty.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. blackcatsandbuttons
    May 31, 2012 @ 19:28:34

    Would have picked the chocolate too…except I wouldnt have shared it!!! 😀 Have a great day.


  2. coffeepoweredmom
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 09:30:19

    Yesterday sounds like one of those mom days where you just walk around with a scowl on your face and then melt into a puddle in your living room. Yes, sprawled is my sitting position of choice alllllll over this couch/floor. Thanks so much for the award!


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