Moving on…

So anyway, now that my head has deflated a little bit, I’ll get back to… Whatever the hell it is I was doing before…

Because Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

It’s Friday and I am stoked! I am hosting (or supposed to be if enough people show up) a “Pleasure Party” tonight. Think… Pampered Chef except instead of cool stuff for your kitchen it’s cool stuff for your boudoir… It should be fun, a bunch of soccer moms and Crazy Girl and some of her other friends talking about sex toys… Okay, so it’ll be weird, but definitely fun. And yay me for doing something socially oriented in my own damn house! Princess Punk has a soccer game, The Peach will be at my mom’s house and The Zen Master will be… Honestly, I don’t know. Well, it’s not like there are any strip clubs in Vermont anyway. Not that I’d really give a crap if he went to one. I’m the one he comes home to. I digress. I do that a lot don’t I? Must be the ADD. Damn, there I go again.

I’m kinda hyper at the moment. Maybe I should put my energy into some actual work for the next few hours. Cuz I will have to vacuum when I get home. And buy beer. And wine. And mebee some tequila. And clean Princess Punk’s bathroom after she finishes cleaning it.

Look at me all hostess-y! Sorta.


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  1. blackcatsandbuttons
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 21:03:33

    I went to one of those parties a couple of weekends ago…t’was a hell of a lot of fun! Enjoy your girlie night. 🙂


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