So my night didn’t go as planned

But it still turned out ok… With the exception of a bit o’ drama which I will discuss tomorrow, I had a pretty awesome evening.
The party didn’t happen. Not enough people confirmed to make it worth it for the lady to come out here. Which I was annoyed about initially but oh well, it turned out to be a good thing anyways.
Because instead, I got to go watch Princess Punk kick ass in a soccer game. It was the first game the girls won this season since they got moved up a division. They played their hearts out and won 3-1. Princess Punk made a pass 3/4 of the way down the field where her teammate knocked it right into the goal. It was AWESOME.
Oh and she gave me her preliminary report card and ALL her grades went up and she even has a couple of A’s! My kid rocks!
The Peach had massive assplosion at the game which went through her clothes, 2 blankets and her car seat cover. If you can ignore the grossness of the blow out, there is nothing cuter than a nekkid baby in the grass on a nice day.
So I’m posting this from my phone and I friggin hate that so I’m going to cut it short for now but stay tuned for the rest of my evening tomorrow when I’m not too lazy to hook up my laptop.



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