I was going to send this to the school…

But after yesterday, I decided to send it to the school board and the superintendant. It ended up being about 2 pages and I rambled a bit since I was SO effing pissed so I have pared it down a bit.

Dear Motherf***ers  Jackholes  Idiots

To whom it may concern;

I have spent this entire school year trying to find some way to communicate with my daughter’s educational team. I realize that middle school is different and for me to expect team meetings every 6 weeks like we had for her last year is unrealistic.

That being said…

There is exactly one week left this school year. I have made phone calls, sent emails and even talked to a teacher here or there (but only when they were informing me that my child had done something wrong). I spoke with the school nurse last week regarding a misunderstanding about who was going to accompany my daughter on a field trip The nurse assured me that as soon as she got off the phone with me she would walk down the hall and give the message to my daughter’s TA to contact me ASAP by phone and/or email. There has been no response to date. This is not the first time I have been promised some kind of contact which then never happened.  I called the principal last Wednesday and was informed she would be out for several days and I left a message. Today, she called me. She did NOT call me in response to the message I left last week, but instead to demand I pick up my child as she had been suspended for the remainder of the day because she tried to give her friend a Lactaid pill. (ARE YOU KIDDING ME????)

She told me she did not even get my message.

When I asked her why she had not responded to any of the concerns I had voiced in my email, she stated she had forwarded the email to my daughter’s homeroom teacher and had assumed she had followed up. I pointed out (slightly less politely at this point) that the reason why I sent her the email in the first place was because I’d already tried to contact the stupid woman already (not those exact words) I had assumed she had actually read the email. Apparently she did not since she simply “passed the buck” and even then, still neglected to follow up to see if some kind of resolution had been reached.

The principal then advised me that the school is reassigning the TA’s for next year anyway and would be happy to connect me with the person who will be my child’s TA next year, once they are assigned. When I stated that I would really like to discuss the utter and unacceptable lack of communication this past year, she told me to send an email to her assistant to make an appointment when we can discuss my concerns. She then advised me that someone really needed to pick up my daughter “right now” as it was “completely unacceptable” for her to give even over-the-counter medication (Lactaid? Really?) to another student and that my daughter was well-aware of this since it had happened before.  I am not sure what incident she is referring to as I do not recall ever being told about anything like this happening.

At any rate, I am writing this letter because I am completely fed up. I am NOT a bad parent although I have been made to feel as such several times. At one point the nurse actually implied that I did not have custody of my own daughter. I admit, I missed the parent/teacher conference at the beginning of the year as I was pregnant and having serious complications. There was a parent/teacher conference halfway through the year where I asked for more communication as I was truly beginning to get concerned about the disconnect between school and home. The problem did not improve, in fact, I believe it got even worse.

I have never received the password to the Parent Portal. (the website where parents can view their child’s grades, assignments and behavior reports) I have never met her TA. I did not even know her TA’s name until recently.

I do not even know what to do at this point. I will not be making an appointment with the principal at this point as I am far too upset and angry to speak with her about any of this. I am tired of getting the runaround and I need some answers.

Thank you


I think I said my piece.

Still pissed off.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. coffeepoweredmom
    Jun 07, 2012 @ 16:08:49

    Good for you! I am so angry for you. I hope that nothing like this happens once my kids make the transition to school. Eep! I hope that they kiss your butt big time. Media scandal? 😀


    • newlifeinvermont
      Jun 07, 2012 @ 16:44:14

      We’re actually talking about looking into whether or not other kids have been “suspended” for something like Lactaid. OTC medication is prohibited in the code of conduct but it doesn’t specify what is considered OTC medicine. I wouldn’t classify Lactaid as “medicine.” There is a possibility they singled her out and if they did??? My cafe’ con leche daughter in a school of mostly white kids? We will definitely be raising a stink… We’ll see what happens next.


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