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This morning…

I mentioned to my mom that she’d probably be the one to see The Peach’s first tooth, to which my mom replied, “Well I guess I’ll be buying her first pair of shoes”

Me- “Hunh?”

My mom then explained that this was a tradition/saying/superstition (whatever you want to call it) from my Hungarian Grandmother.

Me- “Ah, just like ‘when you drop a fork on the floor it means company is coming?'”

Princess Punk- “Hunh?”

Then both my mom and I explained this was another  tradition/saying/superstition from my Hungarian Grandmother.

PP proceeds to amble into the kitchen where the next thing we hear is the clang of a fork hitting the floor and a snorting giggle.


Later, a cell phone call from my mom-

Mom- “Did you call me?”

Me- “No I texted you.”

Mom- “It says missed call.”

Me- “I called you yesterday…”

Mom- “Oh… Well, I just wanted to tell you that your daughter just spit up on the floor and the dog cleaned it up.”

Me- “Um… Okaaaay… Gross.”

Mom- “I think he’s starting to like her. He snuffled in her face and she grabbed his hair and pulled it and he wagged his tail.”

Me- “Yeah, Fairy Dog licks her face when she pukes and she thinks it’s super funny.”

Mom- “Just wanted to tell you… Are you going to blog this?” Then a second later… “She’s sitting in her Bumbo on the floor and she can’t bend her knees. When should I give her cereal if she just had a bottle? She just had 6oz and OH! Ew. Gotta go.”  ~blip~

Reading over this it strikes me just how weird my family is… At least I fit in…


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  1. coffeepoweredmom
    Jun 08, 2012 @ 11:45:51

    Reminds me of my family. I love it! I had always heard that if a broom falls company is coming. We drop so many forks around here…we’d run a bed and breakfast. Brooms fall less often, hahaha!


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