Look how far we’ve come

I’m about halfway through March at this point.

I’m actually quite enjoying this. I’m reflecting over this past year, laughing at the goofy stuff, getting teary at the sad stuff. It was interesting to look back on my expectations, hopes and fears during my pregnancy and somewhat jarring that it feels like a lifetime away and just yesterday all at the same time.

The Peach is 5 months old today.

She cut her first tooth yesterday.

I looked at the pictures of her, just born, red-faced and squinchy-eyed and I can’t believe it’s the same baby as the chubby, boisterous, giggly, opinionated little person who is now asleep in her crib down the hall.

Time flies and I’m now extra-glad that I started this blog.

Because now I can actually look back and see where I’ve been.


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