Things I noticed about my writing when I reviewed it

So, in reviewing all my posts for any work-related… stuff, I noticed a few odd things about my writing. Well, I thought they were odd anyways.

  • I use parentheses a LOT. Like, every other sentence. The weird thing? I use them in my head too. What you read is generally how my thoughts are structured. Which makes me wonder, do other people do that too or am I just totally weird? Oh. Right. Nevermind.
  • I do not use punctuation consistently. I mean, I use punctuation, just not always the right way. Or even the same way I had in the last paragraph. If I’m gonna fuck up, you’d think I’d at least be consistent about it.
  • I ramble. Which I already knew but sometimes I was reading through a post and thinking, “What the hell happened to my thought train there? I can’t even follow that logic and I wrote it.”
  • I can be pretty damn funny. Or at least my family is and I do a good job describing them. I LOL’d me. Ok, that’s just weird.
  • My moods are fairly easy to determine by the tone of my post. I think The Zen Master should read my blog so he knows which wife he is coming home to on any particular day.
  • I feel the need to write a “closing statement” for every post. Like some last minute zinger that will make you laugh or make you think or something. It’s kinda weird, like I have to get the last word in. Or I feel like the post can’t wrap itself up on it’s own so I have to find a way of conveying that it’s over? Might as well just write this…

The End


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