I’m… cured?

Tuesday therapy…

Every week for the last 5 years.

My therapist is AWESOME. She doesn’t take any shit from me and she talks straight. She recognizes that I am an intelligent woman and she treats me with respect and not like a child. She also recognizes that although I come from an unbroken, middle-class family, I have gone through some MAJOR hard times in my life. She has been there with me through my transition to Vermont, my year of unemployment (ok, only half a year there since that’s when I started seeing her), my bipolar ups and downs, finding and excelling at my career, my surgery and subsequent massive weight loss and the major body image issues that came with it, meeting, dating and marrying The Zen Master, Princess Punk’s diagnosis, fertility treatments, an awesomely sucktastic pregnancy and the birth of The Peach.

Holy crap that was a lot of commas. See? There’s that grammar mess again. I digress. Another thing I noticed in my writing when I reviewed all my posts… I digress a LOT. See? There I go again…

Anyway… In my session today (actually, yesterday since I’m scheduling this to post tomorrow morning), she told me that she is very proud of the work I’ve done. She is thrilled with how far I’ve come since she started seeing me and how impressed she is at how I set, strived for and met all of my goals. And then she told me it’s time to start thinking about transitioning out of therapy.

And then I panicked.

But really, just for a minute. Because I have come a long way. Because I am in control of my disease (mostly). Because I am happy with my life and I have achieved all the things I’ve set out to do. So far at least. I know that I still have many challenges to come, and while I feel like I”m not really ready to stop therapy completely, I’m ready to take off the braces and go for a Forrest Gump-style run.


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