Saturday morning!

I am absolutely determined to have a weekend this weekend. Hunh… That sentence sounded way better in my head.


Princess Punk had a friend over last night. I have to say out of the girls she hangs with, this one is pretty nice. Her mom is a real sweetheart so that’s always a plus. In fact this particular mom was the one who swooped in and rescued us when we had the Princess dilemma when I went into labor. The great thing about 12-year-old girls? They think babies are cool (until they poop or start crying) and they have taken over most of the baby care and have given me a break. They are currently in the living room with The Peach, watching Glee and seeing just how much oatmeal she can smear in her hair. As long as they clean her up…

She made my diaper bag… Nice right?


Later this morning (it’s just about 7:30 now) we’ll be heading to the Hardwick Farmer’s Market with my mom. My mom is quite talented in the arts and crafts arena and lately she has been making these really nice satchel-type bags and cool rope baskets. We’ve been looking around local arts and crafts fairs and stuff to see if she would be able to sell anything to help my parents’ financial situation. After that?? Probably yard work and cleaning, we’ll see… It’s going to be a nice day today and tomorrow. I might just say “eff the yard work” and go to the park or something. I am determined to have at least some R&R this weekend!



Basket with lid and a trivet thingy… The word for that has just completely escaped my brain…


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