I didn’t even realize til it was over…

First of all… Happy Independence Day!

Now that that’s out of the way…

Even though she’s old enough and tall enough to sit in the front of the car, when we have The Peach in the car Princess Punk will sit in back with her sister. Princess Punk and I were on the way to my mom’s this morning with The Peach when I hear from the backseat,

“Ew. I think she turd.”


“I think she turd.”

“Turd is not a verb, it’s a noun. You can’t say, ‘I think she turd.’ You can say ‘I think she pooped’ or ‘I think she shit’ or even ‘turded,’ but turd itself is not a vowel.”

“But I like turd.  And you should know by now that I don’t speak good English.”

“Well, I’m your mom and it’s my job to teach you proper English.”

“But I’m still not gonna speak proper English, I don’t talk like that. And I like turd, it sounds funny.” (evil chuckle)

“Just say turded instead. It’s good grammar.”

“Fine. I think she turded.”

I seriously got through that entire conversation before I realized I had just lectured my 12-year-old on the proper use of the word “turd.”


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