Don’t F**k with my girl

Princess Punk has a facebook page just like all the rest of her friends. We monitor it randomly to make sure everything is kosher and she has certain rules about her account like, don’t friend anyone you’ve never met in person, no pictures that show your face or are “inappropriate”

So the other day she posted this picture on her wall-

Yup, that’s my kid.

And last night, The Zen Master was perusing her page and showed me this comment on that photo-

This is a kid, her age and at her school. I removed the comment and reported it to facebook as “hate speech” but here it is, the next evening and I am still furious. I’m tempted to hunt down this kid and give him an old fashioned ass-whuppin but I think I’d probably get arrested. Or better yet, hunt down his parents since the kid is afterall, only 12-13 and he had to learn that crap from somewhere. Not to mention, some kind of monitoring of your kid’s internet activity might be a good thing.

Deep Cleansing Breaths.

Princess Punk just let it roll off her shoulders as she is apt to do.

“Yeah, I don’t like him very much. He’s kinda a jerk.”

And that was it. It didn’t bother her, it wasn’t a big deal, she didn’t really care.

At least one of us is mature about it.


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