Oh look! SHINY!

OMG! A wall!

The Peach has reached a new stage in her development as a new human being.

 She is discovering her surroundings and has a perpetual look of suprise and wonder on her face. Which is abso-freaking-lutely adorable. Although kind of a pain in the ass when trying to feed her as she will inevitably whip her head to the side to look at something just as the spoon is approaching her face. This of course results in Joker-like smiles of peas and cereal reaching from ear to ear. Princess Punk thinks it’s hilarious and will intentionally try to get The Peach’s attention (not difficult) while I’m feeding her.

Holy Crap! A ceiling!

Additionally, she is learning to sit up and has discovered that gravity is fun. She will amuse herself endlessly by sitting in someone’s lap, throwing her right arm up and over (or as far as she can get anyway) her head and toppling over to the left. She will then hunch there expectantly until one of us rights her and then will gleefully grin at anyone in her immediate viscinity. Then immediately does it again. It is the funniest goddamn thing I have ever seen.

Poetry in motion… Sorta


I freaking love my kids.



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