Soccer camp ahoy!

Princess Punk has soccer camp all week this week. 9am to 4pm everyday. Yesterday, she came home stinky, sore and sunburned. Today, just stinky and sore.

Oh god, PLEASE

Her sunburn of course had faded leaving her skin just a tad darker than it was last week. Lucky little snot. She did wear some sunblock today as well, since we totally forgot it yesterday. Because of the evil D-monster and the fact that The Princess is still being rather non-compliant in her self-care, one of the adults in her life has to accompany her every day to make sure she hydrates, checks her blood sugar often and is generally there in case something horrible happens. No nurse and all. When it’s hot and Princess Punk is running around and being (extremely) active, her blood sugar can drop like a stone in a matter of minutes. Additionally, if she’s sweating a lot (which she is as you can tell by her gag-worthy odor when she gets in the car in the afternoon) and her blood sugar is high, she can slip into DKA a lot quicker since her blood gets kinda… concentrated I guess.

So this week, my mom and The Zen Master (mostly my mom) have the happy task of sitting on the sideline in a somewhat uncomfortable folding chair for 7 hours while The Princess has fun and does all kinds of cool sporty things. And deal with The Peach outside in the heat and sun with her fair, fair skin and red hair. She does NOT have the same sun tolerance as her sister (DUH) nor does she enjoy being shaded with blankets and parasols or slathered with greasy, stinky, SPF 1000 sunblock.
Stupid sun. Stupid soccer. Stupid fucking Diabetes.

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