Just one more thing…

I’m at the DMV right now, waiting to get my license renewed. You can usually do it by mail but since I never bothered to get my name changed when I got married 2 years ago, I figured it would be a good time to do that. I was dreading this. I mean, it’s the DMV… In Florida, it was generally a half a day ordeal, sitting in a smelly waiting room with the 50 other morose looking people all waiting miserably just like you. Then you get called up to a surly, rude employee who would clearly rather be doing anything other than helping you. If you need a picture, they’ll snap it with little or no warning and god help you if you were making a weird face. Then you wait again for your license or whatever it was you went there for, usually at least another hour. Overall, an unpleasant experience that you quickly come to dread.

Today? A smiling, friendly person at the information desk who actually apologized when she gave me the wrong form. There were 9 people in the clean, wel-lit waiting room and I even saw someone from my dad’s church who smiled and inquired about the well-being of my children. I got called up in less than 10 minutes, to yet another friendly employee and she actually showed me the picture to make sure I was okay with it before she put it in the computer (or however they do it). She told me to go back it to the waiting room and the woman at the information desk would have my license ready in a few minutes. She lied. The information desk lady had my license by the time finished the15 second walk back to the front. And, she asked me again to check it and make sure everything was OK. Overall it took less than twenty minutes. I didn’t even get a chance to finish the post and I’m now sitting in my car wrapping this up…

Just one more thing that proves how living in Vermont is so much better than Florida.


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