HAHAHAHA yay Champagne!

Ummmmm… I’m a teeeensy bit tipsy. Just a bit.

The Zen Master got us a bottle of champagne for our anniversary. As I have already established, my husband is not a drinker. So we didn’t actually drink the champagne on our anniversary.

So I drank it. All. Tonight.

An entire bottle of Mondavi Extra Dry Champagne.

It was gooooooooood.

And now, I am just a leeeeeetle bit fucked up.

I keep giggling for no apparent reason. It’s kinda fun. I am sober enough to use my spell checker but tipsy enough to REALLY need it. And I know I’m going to regret this in the morning but right now I am almost pain-free and feeling kinda… not sure exactly how to describe it.

Mellow and Silly.

Honestly, it’s kinda nice to just do this every once and awhile. True, I do have a glass or maybe 2 of wine when I get home from work several times a week but I very rarely get to the point of being tipsy or really even buzzed. So it’s nice to just let go and let my brain swim for a few hours every once and awhile just to let off a little steam.

I’ll be all responsible-adult-lady tomorrow. Right now I’m gonna be fuzzy-champagne-girl.

And I think I’ll have a cookie,


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