You look tired

When is that ever nice to hear?

I’ve admittedly been a little worse for the wear (ok where did that one originate?) the past week or so due to this never-ending headache but the last thing I want to hear is that not only do I feel like shit but I look like shit too. I swear I heard that phrase from no less than 4 people in the past week. How does one respond to that? Politely, I mean. My first instinct was to tell them to go f**k themselves but they were all people that I like and I know that at least they meant well.


Seriously, telling someone they look tired in that sweet, concerned voice is really tantamount to telling them they look fat. Even if well-intentioned, even if you really care about that person and are concerned that their recent weight gain is seriously affecting their health, you would never actually say, “You look fat.” It’s just fucking rude. And chances are, they already know that their ass is now too large to fit in their chair and they can no longer zip up their jeans and they would rather it not be pointed out so bluntly.

So yes, I am tired. And yes, I do feel like crap. But I’m going to work, and I’m being a mom, and I’m being a wife, and I’m keeping my house clean and in general handling my damn business. The fact that I have rings under my eyes and my hair is kinda messy and I’m walking rather slowly is kinda par for the course at the moment. And I know what I look like, and I don’t need to be reminded thank you very much. If you are concerned with my welfare, ask me how I’m doing. Don’t make a statement about how shitty I look, it’s just not nice.


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