So, I had the best intentions yesterday. Here’s what I actually got done, in no particular order;

1. Washed a load of The Peach’s clothes
2. Braided Princess Punk’s hair (that would be cornrows… A 2 hour job)
3. Wrote a blog post

Um… That’s it.

Here’s what else I did (again, no particular order);

1. Played my facebook games
2. Played cards with Princess Punk (she totally kicked my ass)
3. Fed, rocked, changed, cuddled and played with a somewhat clingy Peach

That pretty much sums it up.

It’s 7:32 am and I don’t have much ambition to get going… I’m actually posting from my phone because I’m too lazy to go out to the living room where my laptop is.

Sleepy too. I might actually go back to sleep. It doesn’t help I’m holding a sleeping, soporific baby…

I think a lazy Sunday isn’t a half-bad idea.


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