Okay, so obviously I haven’t posted for awhile. Things have been kinda… Hectic. Oddly, not too much more than the usual crazy but apparently just enough crazy to completely f*ck up any chance of free time I might have had.

Okay, so she doesn’t have a trunk, but otherwise…

So here’s what’s been going on-

The Peach is mobile. Sorta. She’s not crawling but has decided that it’s perfectly normal to roll her fat little ass all th way across the living room floor. She is also extremely interested in “big girl food” and will attempt to snatch anything you might be eating and shove it into her mouth with gusto. And promptly gag. Also with gusto. She has also decided that at 6 months old, she is a big girl and would rather drink from a glass than a bottle. If you let her, she will (attempt to) chug your drink. It’s super cute but unfortunately she ends up leaving more than she takes. Gross. Oh yeah, and my favorite new thing? She says mama. All. Day. Long. MMmmmamamamamamamamama. Occasionally she’ll add some variation and stick her tongue out while she’s warbling. Then she’ll squeal and laugh because she just got drool all over her chin and that’s so funny. But I’m definitely mama now. She smiles hugely at me when I get home, even if she’s grumpy and if she’s sitting in someone’s lap when I walk by, she’ll reach for me… And then scowl and yell at me if I don’t pick her up. (mmmmmlah!) I’m sure it’s going to get annoying at some point, but right now? It’s somewhat thrilling that I am her most important person.
Work is busy. They’re offering overtime for the next month or two and I’m going to work as much as they’ll allow. Maybe we can finally get out of our huge financial suck. Plus, even when I’m not working extra, I am still tired when I get home… Like REALLY tired. Which brings me to the next thing.
I’ve not been sleeping very well. My jaw is killing me and it makes it very hard to sleep. That and the fact that it has been ridiculously hot and humid for the past week and we’ve had both girls sleeping in the bedroom with us. Princess Punk tends to splay out across the floor and I inevitably end up tripping over her or banging my knee on the bedpost trying not to trip over her. We had The Peach in the bed with us, nestled in the Boppy but since she is huge baby now, she ends up pushing both The Zen Master AND me to the edge of the bed. Plus she is a freaking furnace. I thought The Zen Master was bad… the man exudes heat when he is sleeping. But The Peach? Imagine a 17lb potato, fresh out of the microwave and wrapped in a damp cloth. Then add two fat little turnip arms and two fat little turnip legs and a clammy oversized peach on top. Then put that fruit and vegetable ensemble in the middle of your queen-sized bed and try to sleep next to it. Oh, and it is constantly moving and making little grumpy sounds. So yeah… tired.


My mother-in-law is having open heart surgery in 10 days. She would have had it sooner but she had to have all her teeth pulled first. Nice right? She’s been in congestive heart failure for years, but basically functioning ok, she takes a lot of medication and is quick to give you a lengthy explanation of all her (many many many) health problems, but she still works full-time as a cook, takes care of my sister-in-law’s kids (3 of them, 10 and under) and still finds the energy to come visit us at least once a week. I love her. She scooped me up and made me her daughter as soon as The Zen Master and I got engaged. She dotes on Princess Punk the same as all her other grandkids, the fact that The Zen Master isn’t The Princess’ biological father never even came up. And I’m worried about her. A Lot. Because she never stops. She works so hard, all the time and although when you talk with her, it’s guaranteed 90% of the conversation will be about her failing health, she never makes herself out to be a victim. She talks about it but doesn’t complain. She just keeps going. And having her chest cracked open? Don’t think it’s going to stop her for long.

I earned that dirt

And then… It’s time to start getting ready for school. And getting rid of the non-fitting clothes. And attempting to keep some sense of order in my home. And harvesting. That last one? Awesome… I spent part of my day yesterday wrist deep in my mom’s garden pulling beets, carrots, string beans, cucumbers, peas and eggplant. It was hot and sunny and I think I might have gotten a little bit of sunburn on the back of my thighs but it was wonderful. I am shitty about gardening. I can never keep up with weeding and I tend to kill things with neglect. My mom loves it. And she has a nice garden. She’s not using as much of it as she has in the past and there are a few more weeds than there were last year but she still managed to produce some truly beautiful veggies. And I got to pick them which makes me feel grounded, both spiritually and physically. Got a good harvest for 30 minutes picking and there’ll be more ready in the weeks to come.
I’m going to try and fit in some more posts, I definitely felt something missing this week and as I’m writing tonight, I realize this is it. It didn’t take long to write this and I already feel a little more clear-headed, I just gotta remember to take the time to do it. For me.
Busy Busy Buzz Buzz Buzz

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