FB posts from a bored pre-teen

In the process of trying to keep my mind occupied while worrying about my MIL’s surgery today (out of surgery now and in ICU but will probably need a pacemaker on top of everything else) I was monitoring my older spawn’s internet usage… which has increased exponentially since the fact she has realized she starts back at school in a week (THANK GOD)…

Princess Punk’s Facebook Posts today…

about an hour ago

to show how retarded i am
i walked into a wall starded laughing and said ” i wouldnt b on the floor laughing if the wall just had the balls to move itself” …..then i starded laughing even more

2 hours ago

Z.A.- How do u spell H.I.V
Me- H.I.V
Z.A.- U possitive?
Me- No
Z.A.- Then your dum?
Me- Maybe i am…. wat does I.M S.T.U.P.I.D spell
Z.A.-………Um…. I’m Stupid?
Me- Yes yes u r

2 hours ago

2 hours ago

August 11

What guys think in there head:
I love you ( I hate you)
I love you ( I hate you)
I love you ( I hate you)
I hate you ( I love you)

Oh yeah… She’s my kid alright.


Oh, and BTW….

To my mom (the one who birthed me that is…)



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