It’s been a loooong time…

Okay, I suck, but I totally have an excuse…

This past week has been CRAZY. Like 14-hour-day minumum, 2 1/2 tanks of gas, 15 new gray hairs crazy. Monday I worked 12 hours. Tuesday, Princess Punk had endocrinologist (1 hour drive one way) then work til 7. Wednesday, work at 6:30a then Princess Punk had psychiatrist (1 hour drive one way), running errands with my mom, argument with my mom, home 9-10ish? Thursday, Princess Punk’s First day of school, 12 hours at work with a nice lunch break with some friends (one of which is moving to FREAKING TEXAS ~sob~) then home to cornrow Princess Punk’s hair. The Peach decided sleep was overrated and was up til 10:30p. Which, by the way, was the most time to that point I got to spend with her awake all week when she wasn’t strapped into the carseat behind me (well, not directly behind me but whatever). Friday morning, a moment to breathe, 30 extra minutes of sleep (Thank GOD), breakfast with my girls, took Princess Punk with her freshly braided hair to school, The Peach to my mom’s, cuppa coffee with mom, PT then work til 7. Collapse into bed while murmuring something that kinda sounded like “I love you” to my husband. Today… going to a crafts fair with my mom to help her out with her stuff… She has a tent this time! Then home by probably 3ish, hopefully get some laundry done and maybe I will get a chance to visit my mother-in-law in the hosptal this weekend although that’s another hour drive one way.

And on top of all that of course was The Pain. And since I was getting home so late I didn’t dare take the ativan for fear I would be completely unable to function when I most needed to be in high gear. So I went through 2 (um, large) bottles of wine throughout the week to alleviate enough of the pain so I could get a few hours of sleep. I was actually pretty worried about how much I was drinking until I got the ativan and I was able to completely stop without a second thought. So it really was pain relief and I wasn’t using the pain as an excuse to drink. Which is good to know. Because a drinking problem is the one thing that would truly drive The Zen Master away from me (and not just The Fear, he has actually said it) and that’s just a horrible thought.

Damn. It made me tired just typing that.

Next week should be a teeny bit better… I should get home by dinner time at least twice during the week!


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