Holy Gray Hair Batman!

It’s official.

I’m old.

Ok, not old but… I’m aging. Not that I really give a shit but every day I seem to have sprouted at least 5-6 more gray hairs. I don’t care too much about the gray, it’s not like I’m going to run out and buy some Nice N’ Easy or something. I kinda feel like it’s a badge of honor. The thing that is hitting me is…

OMG, you mean Will Smith was a RAPPER???

I’m like… Grown up. Not, “I’m a grown-up, a responsible adult” kind of grown up but more akin to, holy-shit-I’m-a-33-year-old-married-mother-of-a-teenager grown up. I’m older, an age where the music I like is played on the “decade” stations; 90’s Rock, 90’s alternative, Mellow 90’s. Oh and my favorite? Old-skool hip-hop. Really?

I knew the dance an e’rethang…


I make pop culture references that adults I talk to don’t get because they’re too young. I call my daughter’s music “crap” (cuz the stuff I listened to at her age was so good… insert NKOTB joke here) and the idea of going to a bar to hang out is absolutely ludicrous. And I’m going gray. Oh yeah, and I guess since my body doesn’t want to make me feel too old… I have raging acne too. My skin was damn near perfect all through my teens and 20’s. I turned 30 and now I have acne that is rivaling my daughter’s. Woo.

It’s friggin weird. Part of me doesn’t feel like I’m old enough to be getting gray hair and part of me is wondering why I didn’t get them sooner. And really… Pimples? Come ON…

If you have to ask who they are, you’re too goddamn young.


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