Friday… But wait there’s more!

Oh yeeeeah baby…

6 more hours OT tomorrow!

I’m Fucking T.I.R.E.D.

BUT… I had a very productive week at work, plus I can add on all I get done tomorrow without interruptions…

Princess Punk is still speaking to me… She is even folding laundry without complaint… Alternate universe anyone?

The Zen Master is in a decent mood and had homemade cookies (ok, Pillsbury fridge cookies but still fresh-baked) coming out of the oven as I walked in the front door like some 50’s-era housewife. The only thing missing was the martini.. or gin and tonic… or whatever those stereotypical 50’s dads drank. I brought my own wine so it’s all good.

Who needs sex anyway?? Ok… I’ll leave that one alone.

I have a BIG glass of fairly cheap White Zin (not a screw-top but damn close)

I have a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio-Pistachio ice cream all to myself.

Assuming The Peach is cooperative (which is likely since it’s almost 8pm and she’s still making kisses at The Zen Master) I will get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow.

After my OT tomorrow, I plan to finish my grocery shopping. And yes, I am over-budget this week, but I did work it out and after my OT pay, I still have enough left over to put a chunk into our sunken savings.

I will actually have TWO whole days off this week. Because I am NOT working on Labor Day, even though it would probably be a good opportunity for a decent chunk of OT.

I’m going to do naughty things to you Doughboy…

Tomorrow morning, I plan to have a lovely breakfast with The Princess including eggs, Scrapple (Oh. My. God. If you haven’t ever tried it… Do. Just don’t look at the ingredients or nutritional info…) and Pillsbury (are you noticing a trend? Can you say coo-pun?) Flaky Cinnamon Rolls.

I might be able to get something done around the house this weekend. But if I don’t? I. Honestly. Don’t. Care.

So it’s Friday. Bring it.


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