That was it.

Tonight. That’s what it all boils down to. That’s what makes the piddly annoyances that have plagued me this week little gnats to be brushed aside with a hassled swipe of the hand. The $156 ticket on my way to work yesterday. The fact that I forgot to count a check I wrote at the grocery store and my card got declined for a $2 coffee this morning. The absolute lack of sleep so far. The Peach’s very first cold which has turned her into a snot faucet stuck in the on position. That The Zen Master informed me tonight that he has to pick up some extra shifts so he will be working 9 out of the next 10 days. That Princess Punk left her phone (this would be the replacement phone) out in the rain during soccer practice and now it’s not working.
All this? Unimportant. Because I spent the last part of my evening with a (snot-laden) Peach on my lap, laughing raucously and giggling to the point of snorting, just because she loves mommy and that makes her happy. And then laying in bed as both my beautiful daughters drifted off to sleep as I read them a story from a book then recited a second from memory. And then The Zen Master looked at me and I was the only thought on his mind in that moment.
And that’s it. That’s what it is.  That’s all it needs to be.
And I’ll be going to sleep tonight with a smile on my face.


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