Just a side note…

I don’t like politicians. I just don’t. 99% of them are looking out for their own best interests, not the best interests of their constituents. But I still vote. Because I pray that someone, somehow will actually make a difference and do something to pull this country out of the muck and Americans, average, everyday people, will be able to actually live here without having to struggle every. single. day. I voted for Obama, and I will vote for him again. I believe that he still possesses some slim glimmer of the actual desire to help people. Real people who live in the real world who don’t have the resources or abilities to make it without a little bit of a leg up. Which, whether you like it or not, is most of the people who live in this country.

And the thing that bugs me the most about politics in this country? IGNORANCE. The fact that people will believe any goddamn thing some asshole pundit or sleazy public official wants to spout on national television. And I am not just talking about the conservatives although they have taken it to a whole new level this election season… I’m talking about any of them. Anyone who thinks it’s okay to get up in front of the country and say things that just aren’t fucking true. And people believe it. I could (and have as The Zen Master can attest to) go off on a rant about how I do not understand how people could possibly vote for someone like Romney or Ryan because they actually believe they will be better off. The people who those two will help? The people who founded this country… Wealthy. White. Men. History shows that the “trickle-down” theory does not work. Period. So the idea that families that are just barely scraping by will benefit from cutting health care and education to give tax breaks to people who already pay less in taxes than they do? Ludicrous. And the idea the government is a bad thing? People don’t seem to understand the reality of our lives. That the evil government is the entity that keeps our roads passable and keeps planes from crashing into each other. That put building regulations in place so if an earthquake hit California like the one that hit Haiti, San Francisco would still exist. That protects us from getting H1N1 or from eating beef laden with E. Coli. That keeps our streets safe. That ensures the Prozac you are taking is actually Prozac and isn’t going to kill you or give you cancer. That takes care of us when we get older or when we have disabilities or when we lose our jobs because the same rich people that Mitt plans to protect had us grabbing our ankles while they smoked cigars and got big fat bonuses.

But I digress…

Anyway… I watched this last night and I decided to post it because even though he is a politician, and even though some of the things he says in this speech are painted with rather pretty words in order to make our Commander in Chief look good and there is no shortage of rhetoric, it’s one of the truest political speeches I’ve heard in awhile. Not that Obama isn’t believable, he just tends to have more rhetoric and “We Can Do It” than actual content.

Still think Clinton was one of the best presidents we have had lead this country in many many years. I don’t give a shit who he screwed in the Oral… I mean Oval Office.


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