I think I need some asprin… and a LOT of water.

Little Sister had her 21st birthday party last night. It was actually a combined party for her and her mom since their birthdays are pretty close together and these were milestone for both of them. 21 for Little Sister and… umm… 29 for her mom… again. They had a fun cookout with a roast pig (um… YUM) and hamburgers and hot dogs and A LOT of booze. Like putting most bars around here to shame amount of booze… Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Maybe it just felt like that because Little Sister was mixing my drinks and she is fucking e-v-i-l. Turning 21 for her? Really just means that all the bars and liquor stores she’s been going to for several years are now not going to get in trouble for serving alcohol to an underage girl. In all honestly, she probably drinks too much, but she is 21 and I remember myself at that age so I can’t fault her, just keep a wary eye. Her mom is on her too, she is not a stupid woman and is pretty awesome in her own right. She finally has found a man who isn’t a total asshole and treats her like she actually deserves and not like a piece of garbage, and although she has always been a beautiful, take-no-shit kind of woman, it was nice to see her truly happy and relaxed instead of guarded and on edge.

So there was much laughing and bawdy humor and eating and drinking and dancing and kids running around with nerf guns and people hanging around under tents trying to keep out of the rain. I saw a friend I hadn’t seen anywhere but facebook for a few years which was great. Little Sister and her mom finally got to meet The Peach, something Little Sister had admittedly been avoiding because as much as she loves kids, her doctors recently telling her that she could probably never have them made being around babies a little bit difficult. Princess Punk had fun with the kids there. She was the oldest with the exception of Little Sister’s cousin who was 13 and not exactly the kind of girl I wanted The Princess hanging out with. She apparently spent most of the party in her 19-year-old boyfriend’s truck making out. So… yeah… Kinda glad The Princess was playing with foam swords with the little boys there and giving piggy-back rides to the little girls. Makes me feel a little better about my own parenting skills.

I think I mentioned Little Sister is my next door neighbor… We actually share a driveway, my house is by the road and hers a ways back. So it’s just a short walk home from her house. So no worry about finding a designated driver, just bringing the girls home at their respective bedtimes and thanking The Zen Master for staying with The Peach after the first run home so I could hang out with adults and have adult conversations… I even had a conversation about politics!

Thankfully not hungover but… still kinda… well, not my usual morning self I guess.

Now I just gotta clear the post-party fog from my brain so I can go to church and then to Burlington to get The Zen Master’s birthday present.


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