It’s OVER!

No more overtime!

I’m done!

Back to working a 40-hour week… Oh. Yay.

But… I am taking Monday off. So after 2 months of working 6 days a week, I get a 3-day weekend… Hardly a respite but hey, I’ll take what I can get. Plus Monday is Princess Punk’s birthday and I’ll have a moment or two to breathe before I jump back into things.

Today we have a “Girls’ Day Out.” The Princess, her BFF, My Mom, The Peach and I are going to Burlington to shop and get pedicures and go out to eat. I got Princess Punk a $50 gift card to Victoria’s Secret because I think every girl should be actually fitted for a nice bra when they start with the boobs. And she’s getting her ears pierced… that would be the second one. Which I don’t really get because she never wears earrings now anyways. Whatever…

Anyways… Hopefully since I’m not working quite so much and will have a teeny tiny bit more energy, I’ll be able to post more. I feel all guilty since I posted a total of 5 times during the month of September. I’m hoping my brain will start functioning on a normal regular average the level I generally exist at. I miss blogging but I think it might take me a little bit to get back in the swing of things… My writing feels a bit rusty and at the moment I’m still totally blanking on stuff to write about.

That being said…


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