Back to it…

You know, I just realized, I use the ellipses a lot…

Random. Anyway, as previously stated, I took yesterday off to give myself a 3-day weekend after 2 months of OT insanity. Back to work today and things were much calmer and I feel much less crazed thus far. Although it is only Tuesday. The weekend was really nice. We had our outing on Saturday which resulted in The Princess getting 3 bras from Vicki’s after much cajoling and convincing to get fitted. Since I am starting to have trouble thing up clever, non-identifying names for people in my life for my blog, I’m going to start using an initial unless they are truly deserving of a witty moniker. So anyway, Princess Punk’s BFF “J” came with us and helped with some of the convincing and really helped make The Princess’s day a great one. Plus, I really likeJ. She’s a smart, funny kid and much more down to earth than some of the other little snitches Princess Punk finds herself socializing with.

Veruca Salt’s got nothing on K

Princess Punk was only allowed to bring 1 friend on Saturday and I have to say, I was very relieved she chose J. Her other 2 options are both… um… How do I put this nicely? Let’s just say irritating and leave it at that. If it gives you any indication of their general attitudes, Friend 1, let’s call her “K”, came over on Friday night with J but didn’t spend the night because she wasn’t coming with us and she had some kind of thing to do on Saturday morning. She spent the entire time she was with PP complaining whining about not being able to go and dropping not-so-subtle hints about a last-minute invitation. Then when her mom came to pick her up, K whined some more and copped a ‘tude. And I knew she would have done that all day had she come with us, whining about what we were doing and complaining when I didn’t pay her way for everything and then some. That kids grates me… Clenching my teeth just thinking about it. Friend 2, “A”, who is usually not too bad with the catty annoyingness that seems to accompany most girls that age, simply texted Princess Punk that she was “rude” for not inviting her and the PP was “being a bitch.”

Whatever. Like I said, relieved it was J who came along and not any of the other ones. So we went shopping and got pedicures and The Princess got her ears pierced so now she has 2 holes in each ear that she can not put earrings in. Then The Zen Master and My Dad met us all for dinner (Texas Roadhouse again, still no freaking nutritional info). The Peach was exhausted and passed out in the restaurant and slept through the entire Happy Birthday ordeal with the hollering of “YEE-HAW” and the entire wait staff and the sawhorse saddle that The Princess refused to get on for a picture.

Good thing they’re Episcopalian

Sunday was quieter and kinda slipped by unnoticed. At church, The Peach made loud comments on the sermon and blew kisses at the two ladies sitting behind us and then clapped enthusiastically whenever there was singing. Princess Punk went to Oktoberfest in Stowe with My Parents for a few hours but other than that, not much happened.

Monday, Princess Punk’s actual birthday… Got to sleep a bit late (not much though), sent The Princess off to school, lazed about for a bit, took The Peach to her doctor’s appointment then dropped her off at daycare, got taken out to lunch by The Zen Master, went home started dinner and cleaned house for a bit, went to PP’s soccer game, picked up The Peach, went home and had dinner.

OhNo! It’s broken!

The Peach apparently has a sinus infection and has been rather cranky the past few days. She was hysterical at the doctor’s office and screamed and cried and carried on then she was fine when I dropped her at daycare. When I picked her up, she started the hysterics again as soon as I strapped her into the car seat and screamed so loud and cried so hard I checked 4 times to make sure I hadn’t pinched her finger in the buckle or something. She stopped after a minute but spent the rest of the ride home making those involuntary, shaky, hiccupping, sobbing breaths that happen after a kid cries really really really hard. Oh, and she started growling at some point too. My Mom opined that she was angry because she couldn’t control the sobbing.  It was really weird to listen to, “Hih hih hih haaaaaaaa…. RRRRRRRRRRR.” She gets pissed when she gets the hiccups too.

Oh and Princess Punk’s new earrings? They are no more. She apparently had to take them out for the game (we thought she’d be okay just covering them with sports tape) and by the time the game was over she couldn’t get them back in. I don’t think the holes closed up that quickly but her earlobes were all puffy and I think the swelling was making it difficult to get the earring in and then it was really starting to hurt and she started crying and got all upset and angry. So we gave up and said we’d just get them re-done when soccer is over.

Now I just have to pull my shit together and get back into a normal routine again. 


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