The saga continues…

I swear to God, I am waiting for The Zen Master to drop some kind of stupendous confession revealing that he is not really The Zen Master but is instead The Zen Master’s evil twin, The Discordant Guru.

Because that seems to be all that is missing to make my life a soap opera.

Here’s what happened since my last post some 5-6 hours ago. (just to give you an idea of my evening, I am just now getting my glass of wine)

I get several rapid texts and then a frantic phone call from Princess Punk. Who is at an away game. In Derby. You know, Derby, the town a literal stone’s throw from the Canadian border?

(Hysterically) Mom, the coach had to pull me from the game because I’m so itchy and it hurts and I can’t breathe. Mom please, it hurts so bad…

After some back and forth and trying to get her to calm down enough to be slightly more coherent and then finally getting a someone else on the phone (her assistant coach who is, I believe, in High School), I determine that Princess Punk’s hive have gotten much worse and she is having difficulty breathing and is hysterical and panicked and they would like to know what they should do.

Um… Hang. Up. Call. A. Fucking. Ambulance. NOW.

Get a call back a minute later and speak to the actual adult coach who is relaying what the EMS is doing and telling him. Then the EMS gets on the phone and briefly discusses whether or not I would like them to take The Princess to the hospital. At this point, I’m feeling like she is probably mostly hysterical and if she calms down a bit she will be okay. So I relay this to the EMS and then I tell them I really have no idea and I’m not there so I’ll deffer to their judgement. Coach comes back on the phone, more back and forth, then, “Okay. Um, so I guess they’re going to bring her to the hospital because she has hives on her tongue.”


More phone calls back and forth, deciding what to do about The Peach, whether or not The Zen Master is coming, My MOM, who is driving and where the hell in northeast bumfuck we are actually going.

It took an hour and 15 minutes to get to the hospital. During 90% of the drive I had no cell service. Joy.

We finally arrive, My Mom, The Zen Master, The Peach and myself and find Princess Punk in a hospital bed in the ER covered head to toe in angry red bumps. The coach and one of the other moms are standing in her room looking absofuckinglutely terrified. I am told that she looks WAY better than when they brought her in. She looked pretty bad to me, but apparently she had been basically one big welt when they brought her in, red, puffy and having trouble breathing because her tongue was starting to swell up. Because of the D Monster, they couldn’t give her steroids (they wreak havoc with blood sugar) so instead, she got Benadryl and epinephrine. She looked miserable. She was trying not to cry and she was still all puffy and her hands were swollen enough that she could bend her fingers but not make a fist. We got sent home with additional instructions and still no clue as to what caused this reaction in the first place.

We went to Wendy’s for dinner because at that point we were all starving. From the time we walked into the restaurant to the time we sat down to eat she had already started to get more red and the spots and welts that covered her arms, hands, legs, neck and face were becoming rapidly more prominent. She went into the bathroom to do her shot (because of course her insulin pump had become detached in the hoopla) and I think it was the first time she had seen herself since all this happened because when she came out she looked like she was ready to burst into tears and sat down and pulled her jacket up around her face.

Gave her some more Benadryl before heading home and by the time we got here she looked marginally better. I am probably not going to sleep tonight since I’ll be periodically checking her breathing as well as her blood sugar because although it’s better than steroids, epi still does weird things to blood sugar.

I’m tired. I’m over the drama. And I’d like a little bit of normal please.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mrs D
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 23:21:08

    Oh poor you…& Princess..hope she’s getting better. Hugs. xxxx


    • newlifeinvermont
      Oct 10, 2012 @ 20:51:44

      Thanks 🙂 She is simultaneously whiny and belligerent. Complaining about how itchy she is while at the same time getting pissed because I said she might have to stay home again tomorrow. Weirdo.


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