Well… I may get bored, but my life is never boring…

The past few days have been… interesting…

Saturday was fairly benign. Princess Punk spent Friday night at My Mom’s house and it was just me and The Peach on Saturday morning after The Zen Master went to work. She didn’t allow me to sleep in at all as she woke up babbling loudly and clapping her hands and waving frenetically to her daddy while he got dressed for work.

Tell me they’re not effing creepy…

So I made an offering to the TV demon and put on My Little Ponies to try and get just a few more minutes. The Peach thinks My Little Ponies are the poo and I feel horrible putting it on for her because unlike The Street, it has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. But it makes her giggle and since her giggles are my crack, I find myself putting it on for her to get my fix. BUT, since she is now VERY mobile, even though she was happy to look at the creepy little colored horses on the screen, she was unable to do so without simultaneously climbing all over me, the bed, Fairy Dog and anything else that was in her path. So, no more sleep. Anyway, she had a cheery morning and we played and played for a few hours until she decided (rather quickly) that she was tired thank you very much and why in the hell was I keeping her awake when she obviously wanted to sleep? She’s kind of big on the instant gratification thing. Well, I guess all babies are but it seems that with her, if you don’t follow her rapid mood changes promptly and don’t provide her with her needs forthwith, you are on her shit list in a major way. Princess Punk was never like that, she was always kind of laid back, “I need this mom, but whenever you get to it is cool with me…” Heh… I just got a mental image of a baby wearing a pair of sunglasses chillin’ in a recliner… Hey! I bet I can find that on Google…

Because you can find ANYTHING on Google

Sidetracked again… Damn you Google!

Where was I? Oh right. The Peach is a diva. Oh well, So it goes I guess… Anyway… She had a long nap Saturday morning and then after briefly looking over the gross mess in my house, I decided to go to My Mom’s to hang out because I really didn’t want to clean up at all. Uneventful day overall. Saturday night, about half an hour after we put The Peach to bed, she woke up screaming and was inconsolable for about 15-20 minutes untill she passed out again. It was desperate and genuine enough for The Zen Master and I to search her over inch by inch to make sure she didn’t get a finger lopped off or something horrible. Nothing though. We kept her in our bed for the night. Sunday… went shopping at Big Lots for some much needed cleaning supplies, got a flat tire and had to have My Mom bring me home. The Princess spent most of the day complaining of a stomach ache. I have no idea with her when to actually take her seriously. She complains about aches and pains all the time so when she is fussing about something, specifically when she is supposed to be cleaning up or when she has to go to school, I get a little suspicious.

 Monday was Columbus Day, that weird holiday when enough places are closed to make it impossible to get anything done yet Princess Punk still had school. It was a floating holiday for me and although I usually work it and take the 8 hours some other time, given the tire issue I decided to stay home and get that squared away. The Princess spent a good portion of the morning before she got on the bus bitching about her stomach.

Not a chance kid.

Our house rule is; If you are able to walk and speak, all your limbs are attached, you’re not bleeding or stricken with vomiting, diarrhea or a fever, you go to school. Period. (When the D Monster came along we had to add high blood sugar with ketones to the list as well). I got about 15 complain-y text messages before she even got to school. Took The Peach to daycare where she gave the teacher a huge smile and basically forgot I was even there. I only pouted a little bit. Then I get a phone call at about 8:30 from the nurse, Princess Punk has broken out into hives all over her arms and legs and is in tears and would like to go home.


Something new to worry about. Yay.

So The Zen Master picks her up (so much for a few hours of solitude with my loving husband) and brings her home where I inspect her thoroughly and discover that no, the school nurse was not being alarmist and The Princess did indeed have angry, red, itchy-looking hives covering her arms, her upper legs and her hands and feet. Her thighs were so throughly covered with hives that you could barely tell they had ever been separate as they had spread and joined like cookies baked too close together on the pan. I called the doctor and made an appointment at 11:30 to bring her in. By 9:30, the hives had spread and were speckling her back and face leaving 2 red patches on the top edges of her cheeks below each eye like a bad sunburn. We took her to the ER.

I think Dr. Obvious wrote this article before his ER shift

After several hours in the ER and a brief (very brief) exam by the doctor and 5 vials worth of bloodwork, we were told that, and I quote, word-for-word, “most of the time, the cause is, we can’t find a cause.” Sorry… Did you say you were a doctor? Because that was completely freaking retarded. Okay, so we don’t know what caused it but that was really just a weird and kinda dumb thing to say. Advised to give her some Benadryl and sent us packing.

So… Home, Princess Punk sacked out on the couch in a Benadryl-induced coma. My Mother-in-Law comes over. Gotta say, for a woman who had her chest cracked open a month and a half ago, she looks pretty damn good. She hung around for a bit, chatted, gave The Princess her birthday gift (okay, put it near where she was sleeping) and hung around some more. I always feel a bit awkward when she comes over. She kinda just hangs out after I’ve run out of things to talk about and I feel like she’s waiting for me to do or say something. And she kinda just stays…Like she didn’t leave until we were walking out the door to pick up my car and then The Peach. Like in the driveway packing the half-asleep Princess Punk into the car and saying goodbye for the 11th time. I think she’s kinda lonely, and I love her to death but I always feel like I’ve run out of things to talk about and then just end up smiling nervously and randomly babbling about various weird and often inappropriate shit.

There’s your problem… My Christmas bonus is stuck in your wheel well… Let me get that for you.

…Went to pick up my car where I’m told that in order for it to pass inspection (due by the end of the month) I have to replace my front brakes, rotors and possibly calipers as well. And fix a hole in the exhaust system. And I should really get my back brakes done too. And I’m due for an oil change. Estimate at about $900 give or take. Oh yeah, and that’ll be $100 today for changing your tires to your snows, throwing out your old summers (which were on their last year anyway, hence the flat) and inspecting your car enough to tell you you have to spend $900 for it to get inspected. Fuck. Me.

Have I mentioned our savings are completely depleted? And I just spent all my extra OT money paying off the past due electric bill, paying down the credit card (a little bit) and giving Princess Punk some kind of a birthday? Oh and The Zen Master needs new snows for Bertha (his beater truck) this year and his inspection is due in December and will probably require throwing more money into that damn rust-bucket. So coming up with $900 extra in the next 3 weeks is going to be… difficult. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. So my task this week, in between the crises, is to find someone who can fix up the brakes on my car cheaply so I can pass inspection and, you know, not kill myself or my family when I can’t stop when that moose meanders out onto the highway.

again… ~sigh~

So I picked up an extremely happy Peach from daycare, headed home and drank a half a bottle of wine. Not proud of myself but… Whatever. At that point, my head hurt so bad my teeth were vibrating.

And today? Today the texts from The Princess started at about 7:30. Her BFF J and her boyfriend (yes, that’s right, boyfriend) were all concerned about her because the hives were apparently very red and had travelled down her legs and were now covering her lower legs and ankles too. Then a rather frantic call from the nurse at about 8, PP is crying in the nurse’s office, the hives look awful and are now on her face and scalp as well and The Princess can’t stop scratching. Realized I forgot to take the car seat out of my car so The Zen Master is unable to pick her up and take her to the doctor appointment I had just scheduled for her. Tearful plea to my supervisor and a small rant about how I would just like to have one week when there wasn’t some sort of ridiculous crisis and I could actually do my job. I have a big thing tomorrow that requires some prep time and I was freaking a bit that I wasn’t going to be able to be ready. I am very thankful I work in an understanding office where I have sick time and a boss who recognizes that I have a kid with a chronic illness as well as my own various maladies and is okay with me leaving with 10 minutes notice (as long as I give him a slip… gotta have that slip). Left work after I had regained my composure, picked up Princess Punk from school, dropped the car seat off with The Zen Master, hauled ass to the doctor’s office. The Princess felt better, the nurse had put some kind of topical thing on her but her legs looked awful and just looking at them made me itchy. So we saw her PCP who looked her over, made sure the hives weren’t inside her mouth and her breathing was clear and told us basically that it would probably take about 2 weeks for it to get out of her system. She assured me all the blood work was fine and that because whatever the hell it was was systemic now (even if it had started out as some kind of contact allergy) it would not be unusual for it to come and go over different areas of her body. So we got prescriptions for a few anti-histamines and a corticosteroid topical cream and were advised to bring her to the hospital if she started having trouble breathing. And My Mom met us there and took her back to school and I headed back to work where I managed to actually get a little bit done before it was time to leave for my therapy appointment.

And now? Now I’m going to bed, right after I say a prayer that tomorrow will be a little bit less crazy.

We’ll see.


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