An unsatisfying ending

The Zen Master and I watched Prometheus last night. It was gross. Not that I dislike gross movies per say,  I enjoy a good creature feature every now and then. I have never been a big horror movie fan, movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween always just seemed kind of retarded to me. Scary, yeah, but stupid. I prefer suspense, ghost-type movies, things that actually require some intelligence and wherein the characters are not all big-boobed idiots. And a good creature movie is always fun… Alien is still a favorite of mine.

I can see… That this movie is going to suck…

So we watched this movie last night and gotta say… ummmm… WTF? It was okay but the plot made no real sense to me and the ending was supposed to be some kind of cliffhanger twist thingy but it really just left me kind of… annoyed.

I think that’s the thing that drives me nuts about a lot of movies, horror, sci-fi, drama or whatever. I just don’t have the patience to sit through a mediocre movie and not even have an ending that provides some kind of closure. Or at least leaves me going, “Holy crap! I NEVER saw that coming!” My time is too precious and truthfully, so in my attention. It’s not an easy task for me to actually sit through an entire movie. I hardly ever go to the theater any more… Well okay, I mean we’re broke so that’s the main reason but the idea of spending 8 bucks plus concessions on 2 hours struggling to pay attention to one thing without interruption? Not my idea of fun. Even when we watch movies at home, I’m generally doing something else at the same time because it’s damn near impossible for me to stay focused on one thing for an extended period of time, even with the Ritalin blocking out some of the chaos in my head.

Then this morning, The Peach and Princess Punk and I got all cozied up in my bed and while I tried to keep The Princess from scratching her skin raw, we watched the last few episodes of Enterprise on Netflix. It was definitely my least favorite of all the Star Trek series but the first 3 seasons were pretty good. I thought they did a nice job of kind of setting up how all that Gene Roddenberry envisioned for the future actually came about. Season 4 however was just kind of weird. It went totally off in a different direction and I’m not really surprised the show ended at 4. But the last few episodes were a real let down. And you know? It kinda messed up the whole thing for me. Like it had the final word and the final word was… “poo.” I’ve witnessed that phenomena with quite a few shows. Like they stayed on a season longer than they should have and instead of ending strong, they just… ended. I swear there are a few shows where I actually refuse to watch the last few episodes, or even the last season because I’m afraid it will just ruin the whole damn thing for me.

Wow this was kinda rambling. and I don’t have a satisfying ending to the post…. poo.



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