Friday already…

Or fortunately?

I have officially been out sick from work for an entire week from a goddamn hemorrhoid.


Yes. Apparently I required a (very) minor surgery on Tuesday which has left me in much less pain than before she cut me but I am still pretty much unable to do very much but take several baths a day, sleep A LOT (thank you Valium) and sit rather awkwardly on the couch watching TV and praying I don’t have poop. Overshare? Sorry. You know, I’m generally extremely open about stuff that is generally not appropriate for the average person to speak about in public, let alone broadcast in a public blog over the internet. But this? This has even me embarrassed to discuss in too much detail. Partly it’s the nature of hemorrhoids in general but also because I feel like a complete asshole (pardon the pun) for being completely incapacitated by something you would think is totally benign. It’s seriously been one of the worst pains I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. That would be including the birth of two children.

Anyway… At least I’ve had the opportunity to watch The Peach race around My Mom’s in her walker and attempt to pull everything off the table within reach of her fat little hands.


And… Off she goes


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