Okay, so I had planned this big post about the election and voting and politics and yada yada yada…

But then on my way home from work, I get a phone call from the social worker at Princess Punk’s school. Who then proceeded to tell me she was calling to give me an update on “The Situation.” WTF? When she perceived my obvious confusion she realized that The Princess  had NOT told me what exactly was going on and went on to tell me that there was an investigation going on about some possible “sexual harassment.”

Yeah. Really.

Apparently Princess Punk had come to her in response to some… issues… she was having with some of the boys at school. Someone had started a rumor that Princess Punk’s boobs (now a 34B) were in fact, fake. Actually, what she said was kids were saying she stuffed her bra, Princess Punk later corrected that statement and said that what was actually going around was that she had breast implants.

And then the social worker told me that several boys had gone so far as to “poke” The Princess to see “if they were real.”


She also said there was some sort of text messaging going around as well but she wasn’t clear on the details of that.

There is a formal investigation going on. The social worker tells me there should be more news by the end of the week.

I am highly tempted to run these little shits over with my car the next time I see them (the school did not tell me who it was but Princess Punk did).

But I am at least proud of my girl. This kid… No, this young woman, who never talks to adults about anything like this, had the courage and maturity to stand up for herself and tell an adult when she felt uncomfortable.

I honestly don’t even know what else to say about this right at this moment. It’s still kinda sinking in. I have been preparing myself for all kinds of crap coming along with Princess Punk’s rapidly developing body, but I have to say, I never expected this.

At the moment… Trying to cool off and deal with this in a rational manner. Because I really don’t want to end up slapping a 7th grade boy in the middle of the grocery store.


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  1. stayathomemomsjourney
    Nov 07, 2012 @ 20:13:35

    I feel your pain, my now 16 year old had 34B’s when she was 11 😦
    Hang in there!


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