Blessed Be

Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving!

Lovely day yesterday. Cooked and lazed and cooked and ate and lazed and ate some more. I”m sleepy today but at My Mom’s as we are going to spend the remainder of the day making fruitcake and nut butter crunch.

And I thought I’d share a brief list of the things I’m thankful for…

  • Family- well duh… That’s pretty much a given. Beautiful daughters, devoted husband, loving parents, yada yada yada…
  • Security- You know, a job and a roof over our heads and the means to put food on our table. It’s easy to forget sometimes that not everybody has those luxuries.
  • Wide open spaces- I love sitting on the couch in My Mom’s living room and looking out the window to see fields and pastures and mountains and trees. And if you look really, really hard, you might see a house or two. Maybe.
  • Friendly cops- I got stopped on the way here yesterday because my inspection sticker is overdue. He listened too my brief explanation about how the guy who is going to repair the exhaust pipe so the car will actually pass inspection is at deer camp right now and I have to wait until he gets back. And then he smiled, advised me not to forget about it, made a comment about the cute baby in the back, wished me a happy holiday and sent me on my way.
  • Pajama pants- Ahhhhhhhhh
  • Lard- Ok, gross right? Makes the best pie crust you have ever eaten in your entire life. Seriously.
  • Overalls and blown kisses and turkey legs and four-day weekends and random hugs and snorting when you laugh and footie jammies and music and good food and friends stopping by and snuggling on the couch and turkey comas and PIE.
  • Oh… and let’s not forget… The Dishwasher.

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