Happy Holidaze…

smiley-embarrassedI just noticed I haven’t posted since Thanksgiving.


Been a teeny bit busy…

Not really an excuse but oh well…

It’s that time of year I guess. And not even the whole Christmas thing because honestly? Haven’t done a damn thing in regards to decorating or meal planning or gift buying. M758It’s mostly the fact that because of the holidays, other stuff tends to get bunched up and create these giant bottlenecks where I end up driving 160 miles in one day because Princess Punk has 3 doctor appointments at various places in Burlington and I have to drive from work, to the school and back again because The Zen Master has to take Bertha the Beater in because his headlight not only went out but actually melted the socket it screws into.

Princess Punk tells me after their first practice that Basketball started up last week (surprise!). And just to add a little spice to my week, The Princess has practice at 5:45AM on Mondays and Thursdays because the high schoolers use the gym after school. Hazard of living in a small town; the middle school and high school are in the same building and spaces like auditoriums and gymnasiums are shared. And because Princess Punk is stinky on a good day, she has to be one of the first girls there in order to lay claim to a shower stall so she can wash off the funk before she goes to class.


I have to swallow THAT?
That’s what she said…

I’m apparently anemic. Which would explain a hell of a lot of the exhaustion I’ve had lately. I finally had by vitamin levels checked, something which I am supposed to do every 6 months. Last time I did it? Before we started fertility treatments. So I was a little overdue. I have to take I’m supposed to take a ton of vitamin supplements because of my surgery. Because the amount of my small intestine that is actually in use is so small, I don’t absorb a lot of what I eat. I keep something like 40-50% of the protein, 20% of the fat, 60% of complex carbs and every freaking gram of sugar I eat. Which is awesome for losing weight and keeping it off. Not awesome for vitamin absorbtion though. I have trouble accross the board really, but I tend to get deficiencies in the B vitamins and A, D, E and K, which are all the fat soluable ones. Don’t absorb fat, don’t absorb those. So in order to keep my vitamin levels where they should be I should be taking a bunch of supplements every day. I haven’t been so all my numbers were pretty much in the toilet. Ew. Anyhow, I started up my supplements again and, including my psych meds, I am now taking over 30 pills a day. Sweet.

Work is picking up… Rapidly. November was very slow (through no fault of my own, just an ebb in the ebb and flow) but apparently all the work that didn’t come in last month is beating down the proverbial door to get in before Christmas. December promises to be full throttle through til the new year. Or until the world ends… But I’m not going to count on that as an excuse to slack off.

Then, because of the upcoming holidays, it’s crafts fair season. Normally this means absolutely bupkis to me but since My Mom is now a “crafter” (I dunno, is that what you call it?) she has signed up for a table at 2 events. One was this past Saturday actually… She did pretty good. Anyway, in order to sorta pay her back a little bit for all the free childcare, I’ve been helping her out, schlepping stuff and manning the table with her and pricing and all kinds of things. Which is fun and a nice way to spend time with her, but it’s another “to-do” to add to the list along with everything else.

Finances are sucking right now… The Zen Master is laid off for the next 3-4 weeks and I overspent on groceries… AGAIN. Because I am an asshole.



The Peach is cutting molars. And she has become somewhat grabby and extremely opinionated. If she grabs something she’s not supposed to have (which is constantly) and you tell her no, she will cheerfully take it out of her mouth (because of course that’s where everything goes) and hand it to you. Most of the time. If she decides it is something she would really prefer to keep thank you very much, she will grip it tightly in her slobbery little hand, grit her teeth (literally, you can hear it),grimace and squeal. Loudly. If you succeed in prying it from her grasp at this point, she will either put on The Pout and squeeze out a few crocidile tears or scream and arch her back and flail around like you just stepped on her toe. And she’s still not sleeping in her crib for at least a few hours each night. She is ridiculously effing cute though.

I am at my workplace at the moment, not officially “at work” since my day technically ended 20 minutes or so ago, but sitting here waiting for the guy who is going to fix the exhaust on my car (again) to get home from work. Since he lives around the corner it’s kinda stupid for me to go home and then come back, so I basically wait here until 5 then go sit in his living room while he welds a patch to the joint on the exhaust pipe for $35 an hour instead of me paying the repair shop $800 plus labor to replace it. It’s worth sitting here for an hour.

Oh and I’m in the process of switching over my laptop so I don’t have much of a computer at the moment. My lovely friend, GeekMom was given a kickass gaming laptop from her honey and she is giving me her old one. She actually has several “old” ones, all of which are newer, faster and better than mine. She’s having her friend wipe it clean and install Windows8 and Office on it and is sending it shortly along with some clothes for Princess Punk and The Peach. So I’ll be giving The Princess my old POS laptop for Christmas. After I spend a little bit on it and get a new battery and cord and then wipe it clean and make sure there’s no… “Inappropriate material” on it. Oh, and install some MAJOR parental control software…

So yeah. Busy. Still.

I told The Zen Master that I need a vacation. His response?

Nice. Thanks Sweetie.

Nice. Thanks Sweetie.


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