Is that normal?

According to my therapist, apparently not.

Oh, wait, got ahead of myself…

So there’s this thing that I do in my head… fairly frequently. I tend to… Okay, can’t think of a good way to describe it except maybe prophecize? Not like, “The world is going to end December 21st” kind of prophecy but more like, “I’m going to fall down the stairs and die” kind of prophecy. Except that’s not really it.

Here’s what happens-

As I am heading up the stairs at work, a brief picture of myself tripping flashes through my head. This, in my humble opinion, is completely normal. Because I’m a total freaking klutz. So for me to be worried about tripping on the stairs seems perfectly reasonable. big.3708159But… It never stops there. It’s never just, “Whups! Better be careful, don’t want to fall!” Instead I go through this lengthy scenario in my head in which I trip, fall forward on the stairs, face plant on the steps, break my tooth and bleed all over my work shirt. Or maybe, tumble head over heels and break my neck and the IT guy arrives at work to find me in a crumpled heap in the stairwell.

big.1576364Nice right?

I gotta say, this kind of thing happens most of the time when I am ascending or desceding stairs. But it also occasionally happens when I’m driving, when I’m walking down the hall, or even just sitting on the damn couch.


It doesn’t cause me any kind of terror, I don’t have any phobias or things I avoid because of this, it barely makes me double check where I’m placing my foot on the step. But it’s there… This annoying little buzz of doom and gloom floating around my head.

And apparently, NOT everyone does this.

Who knew?

Oh… I guess maybe you did.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. coffeepoweredmom
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 19:08:18

    I do that. So it’s not normal? Bummer.


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