6.5 hours

In 6.5 hours it will be 5am and it will be time to wake up.

1325770787875_4782289In 7.5 hours, I will have woken and changed The Peach, taken my meds, arranged my meds for the rest of the day, packed my lunch, observed The Princess pack her lunch, make sure Princess Punk has checked her sugar, eaten breakfast, packed her B-ball shoes and shorts and clean underwear and a towel so she can shower after practice. This would be occurring simultaneously while giving The Peach her breakfast, making sure the half-asleep Zen Master is ready to be on “Dad duty” (heh… duty) since he’s all groggy because I dragged him to My Mom’s house to watch the midget while the older womens (that would be My Mom, Princess Punk and myself) made sugar cookies and biscotti and boxed up goodies to send as presents since we’re not buying anything this year. And my nut butter crunch is WAY better than a lame-ass gift card. Oh, and since The Peach is currently squarely in the middle of our bed, I’m anticipating he won’t get much sleep anyway.

funny-pictures-kitten-has-had-too-much-caffeineI am wired right now. A combination of too much caffeine, too late in the day and being about 2 hours off on my meds has made it virtually impossible to sleep at the moment. And I’m wicked excited. I think people are really going to like the stuff we’re making. My Mom made fruitcakes, and not the stereotypical ones that people tend to re-gift every year, but rich, decadent, sweet, luscious cake drenched in so much bourbon (actually I think it was brandy this year?) that you are guaranteed to fail a breathalyzer after one slice. Princess Punk? Sugar Cookies, decorated with frosting and festive sprinkles and molded chocolate candies made from milk chocolate and a little Aztec cocoa to give it a unique spicy flavor. Oh, and she’s decorating those too. And Me? Mrs. Newlife has made several pounds of nut butter crunch and about 3-4 dozen almond biscotti, half of which were dipped in chocolate. And I must admit… I’ve sampled everything but the fruitcake although if I had been present when It was made, you can be sure there’s be a lot less than what she has now.

Kinda a teeny bit excited about the upcoming holiday.

Less excited about tomorrow morning though.65585624401332698671


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  1. coffeepoweredmom
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 09:46:43

    Those all sound so tasty! You photos are hilarious. 😀


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