A fine line.

I have discovered, there is a fine line between trusting or having faith in people and being a completely gullible ass.

This is a lesson I really should have hammered firmly into my brain by now. I have very few people in my life (I think probably 2) that I can actually count on to do what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it.

Everyone else can bite me.

There are less than 2 weeks until Christmas. I have nothing for Princess Punk, nor do I have any idea where to start. My plan had been to refurbish this POS laptop for her once I received my “new” computer that was pledged to me. I can’t bring the POS in to get it fixed up until I get the new computer because I actually need to have a laptop of some sort myself. And with 13 days left, I no longer have enough time to get it done.

And I can’t really afford to do anything else.

And My Mom bought her a Nook Tablet (after I asked repeatedly that she not do that). So I’m going to end up giving The Princess something lame like a pair of earrings that she’s not even going to wear and My Mom gets to be ~AWESOME~ yet again.

I wanted to give the Awesome gift, just once.

And, because I made the mistake of depending on someone who has left me in the lurch in the past, I am now stuck scrambling to find something to give my first born child that doesn’t suck balls.

I should know better. I really, really, really should. Especially since this “new” computer was in part supposed to be reimbursement for the several hundred dollars I loaned her several YEARS ago. I can’t even remember how much or when because it was that long ago. I’ve never been bitter about loaning money to friends, or even to people I don’t even know that well, as long as I have it. I generally figure if I have it to loan then no problem, and while I would like to get paid back eventually, if I don’t, I don’t stress it. You see, I have this basic belief that if you help out someone in need, it’ll come back to you eventually. I tend to assume that if I lend you some money, you’ll pay me back when you can. And if I happen to be desperate for some money to say, pay my fuel bill while 9 months pregnant and my husband is laid off for the season, you might actually help me out instead of posting on facebook about your amazing new whatchamacallit that cost almost $200.

And you know, that’s not even really the issue. Because I will never let money get in the way of friendship. My problem is that I believe you should be able to count on your friends, your parents, your children, your bosses, your spouse.

I can count on The Zen Master for pretty much anything. There’s been some minor miscommunications and a few instances of “Whoops!” But if he says he is going to do something, he does it. Period.

I can also count on Crazy Girl. She is super busy, and can’t always stop by and visit when she says she might, but she’s also never solidly committed to being somewhere and not shown up. I loaned her $100 a few weeks ago because her account got screwed up and some bill was going to hit her account 2 days before her paycheck. She wrote me a post-dated check to make sure I would get the $100 back into my account before my mortgage payment hit even if I didn’t see her.

There’s no one else.

My Mom? She loves me heart and soul and she tries, but her problem is she always says yes when I ask her something and then changes her mind about it later. Which tends to leave me in the lurch sometimes.

My Dad? He’s just not available in the first place.

Princess Punk? Um… NO.

When my friend said she couldn’t send the box because she couldn’t afford the shipping I asked if she could ship it COD… I figure that will still be less than trying to buy something for The Princess. Her reply?

“Hang on, let me check.”


So now, desperately searching around for something to give my 13 year old that will be as appreciated as the Nook My Mom is giving her.

I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Done ranting/whining now.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. coffeepoweredmom
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 13:18:56

    That sucks. Hard. Sorry, I hope you come up with something awesome!


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