A brief hiatus

I took a break from posting for a bit after the awfulness in CT. Mostly because I was just at a loss for words about the utter sorrow and anger about the whole situation. And the fact that people are traumatized every day throughout the world and I felt like talking about the shooting would somehow lessen what happened to them. The shooting in Newtown was a horrible tragedy and because of the scope of the devastation, it became the top thought on everyone’s mind. But as a survivor of a violent act myself, I don’t want to forget all the other people out there that have suffered trauma at the hands of another person.  I’ve been pondering what to say for a bit. That, mixed with the impending holiday tomorrow  and thoughts on how it will be so painful for so many, in Newtown, in my town and around the world, has left me, at least for the moment, quiet. I’m going to begin posting again after Christmas, after I spend some time with My Mom, My Dad, The Zen Master, Princess Punk and The Peach and all my other family and friends that I treasure so dearly.

And to all those reading this I remind you that every moment counts.

Treasure every smile, every hug, every kiss, every laugh.

Because those? Those are the best gifts.

Blessings, Light and Love to you and yours.

Blessings, Light and Love to you and yours.


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