Et Tu Thursday?

Okay, Monday? yeah, everbody has a problem with Monday… Tuesday? Usually one of the busiest days (although I did have off this week), Wednesday? Long day. But Thursday? Thursday is usually my “take a breath quick while you can” day. Not today.

Okay, first of all? -13 degrees outside when I left this morning.

Which was later than I wanted to leave. Because Princess Punk decided to have another shit fit about basketball practice. She texted me from her bedroom;

“can I not go to day… i got my period”

After explaining to her that life goes on, even when you are bloated and having cramps and reminded her that she’d have to get out of bed now (actually, 10 minutes before “now”) anyway since I had to be at work early, in order to leave early, in order to drive the 30 minutes back to the school, in order to pick her up, in order to drive the hour or so more back past my job, in order to get her to her therapy appointment, and I was already running late.

Because I love him so and he is a freaking saint, The Zen Master started my car for me and bundled up The Peach so much that all you could see was a teeny little circle of face with wide twinkling eyes and a huge-assed grin… Have I mentioned that I birthed a morning person? This, while I frantically ran around trying to find a clean not gross pair of pants to wear to work since the laundry pile is MASSIVE because our dryer is broken and I’ve not wanted to get down her driveway been too damn lazy to lug more than a small bag of Peach clothes to My Mom’s for washing. Oh, and getting together my meds since I forgot to fill up my little (huge) pill-minder thingy last night and taming my hair which came halfway out of its braid last night and finding my phone (tangled in the blanket on the bed) and trying to get together something for lunch for myself AND The Princess since she was still being all drag-ass and pissy. Scramble-scramble, yada yada, get to the school at 5:45 like we’re supposed to, with crappy Cumby’s coffee instead of my beloved DD for which I actually had a free coupon and with The Peach who I had intended to drop off first so I could just head straight to work.

The coach wasn’t there yet.

Which normally wouldn’t be so irritating since I’d simply tell Her Majesty to GTFO of the car and go wait by the locked door to the gym. But of course, because I am not a complete asshole, I decided against that given the OHMYGODITSCOLD temperature outside. PP got The Peach giggling and dancing in the back seat which improved both our moods, but, when the coach finally showed up at 5:57 and The Princess got out to get to practice, The Peach decided that she missed Big Sisy already and started grumping. I swear, I could hear the lower lip drop.

Got to My Mom’s and as I’m pulling into The Driveway From Hell, The Zen Master calls me to inform me he is stuck in our 100ft driveway. Apparently he had backed into a snowbank and was unable to dig out since it was still dark. As I’m sputtering on the phone that I can’t help him push Bertha because she is a fucking behemoth and I was already running 30 minutes late, I clunk The Peach’s car seat out of its base and notice Princess Punk’s diabetes kit sitting on the back seat.  Swore my way into Mom’s house, woke her up, thankfully in a good mood, shoved The Peach at her and hauled ass back to the school where I opened the gym door and threw my diabetic teenager’s bag of shit she needs to survive at her and hauled ass again, this time home to pick up my husband so I could bring him to work. Oh, and I had to stop on the way to pick up his coworker who needed a ride as well. Arrived at work late, advised my boss I would need to use some sick time to leave early since I had actually made it in 15 minutes late instead of 45 minutes early, oh and another 20 minutes early on top of that since I would alsohave to pick up The Zen Master from work. I’m getting behind at work and I was hoping to get a bit caught up this morning before the 3 hour monthly staff meeting this morning but because of my lateness, by the time I got a good work flow going where I was actually able to be my mega-productive self, I had about an hour of decent work time to get anything done. OH, and midway through I got this stellar text from my teen;


Funny, but I wish she would learn to freaking spell.

Time-suck of a meeting. Work, work, work. Drive, Drive, Drive. Dinner was hastily eaten burger off the value menu at Burger King. Late picking up The Peach which annoyed My Mom and The Peach.



Another Beer.



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