I got The Zen Master’s truck out of the snow bank in our driveway.

He had apparently gotten it so far in (heh… nice) that not only were the tires stuck but the entire undercarriage of the stupid thing was jammed so tight into the snow that it took both of us 30 minutes, laying on the ground (8° outside) with a dirt spade and a broom handle loosening it up just to be able to get it unstuck enough so at least the tires were actually on the ground. Wow. Run-on sentence much? Anyway. Then, another 25-30 minutes of my maneuvering and Zen Master’s pushing, it lurched out into the road. That sounded kinda porny. So basically I froze my hands and thighs (because of the laying on the ground) to help my husband so he could actually get to work in the morning without having to get our neighbors to try and push him out with their truck.

I am TBWE (The Best Wife Ever).

It’s Saturday. The Zen Master is at work. The girls are at My Mom’s since her driveway was impassable last night after more than an inch of snow. I woke up at 6am anyway because I am apparently a masochist and I really enjoy sleep deprivation. It’s almost 10am now and I’m still trying to decide if I’m actually going to be useful and do some cleaning and work on revising our budget since because of our fantastic government raising SS taxes and rising health care costs, I am now bringing home at least $100 less a month. Which is a lot. I need to clean our bathroom because it’s gross. And I should also shovel the walkway since it’s going to get above freezing today which will melt some of the snow, but then it’s going to be below freezing tonight and all the melted snow will turn into ice making the ramp into my house a walkway of broken limbs and death. And that would suck. I also need to get to the hardware store and get the right kind of wrench to tighten the bolts on my car battery because they got too loose last night and I died at the gas pump at Cumby’s. Oh, and at some point I have to pick up my children. But I think I’ll not rush on that point because although I miss my Peach, and yes, even the hormonal drama clusterf*** that is Princess Punk this time of the month, I am enjoying a little bit of time alone in the house, in my jammies, with just Fairy Dog laying quietly at my feet. I don’t know where The Beast is, nor do I care as long as he’s not here.

I think I am going to laze about for a bit longer. And then I’ll go get my kids and work on at least some of the other shit I need to get done today. I’d probably end up lazing about like a lump all damn day if I didn’t have to actually get dressed and leave the house to pick them up…


Nah. I’ll give it another hour.


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